Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunlight and brickwork

This is another minimal modern brick project that I came across yesterday hidden in the streets of Montréal north.  I am very impressed with how minimal the architecture is, how it fits into the context because of the material (brick) and because it is the same size as adjacent houses. At first glance it appears a bit stark, however, upon closer investigation there is carefully integrated brick bondwork that is completely activated by sunlight.  I happened to pass by early in the morning when it was getting sun, but it is cast in shadow 90% of the day, which is very different (last image showing the context). If the building were on the other side of the street it would be much more dynamic with the brickwork casting moving shadows all day.  I am working towards achieving this in my own work, so it is very inspiring.  It is important to understand the location and movement of daylight to really activate this type of brickwork.

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