Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rael San Fratello - Planter Bricks - 2009

Brick-Stainable Competition Entry
Architect's Website:

I don't know if these planter bricks would actually work (bricks don't do very well with moisture over long periods of time - they deteriorate - especially in a winter climate), but I sure find 'em purdy!

Nini Leimand - Wall Technology, 2009

Brick-Stainable Competition Entry

I recently read through all of the entries for the 2009 Brick-Stainable competition at People were asked to 're-think brick' as a building material, or to design a quasi-consulate building for people to stay on a site in Maryland.

I think this wall technology by Nini Leimand shows a lot of promise, in the coming years I believe building construction will begin to favour low-tech passive solutions as an alternative to the overly complex wall construction that we see today (often with 10+ layers of plastic, insulation, etc.).

I find this project elegant in its simplicity and ripe with decorative potential.