Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nini Leimand - Wall Technology, 2009

Brick-Stainable Competition Entry

I recently read through all of the entries for the 2009 Brick-Stainable competition at People were asked to 're-think brick' as a building material, or to design a quasi-consulate building for people to stay on a site in Maryland.

I think this wall technology by Nini Leimand shows a lot of promise, in the coming years I believe building construction will begin to favour low-tech passive solutions as an alternative to the overly complex wall construction that we see today (often with 10+ layers of plastic, insulation, etc.).

I find this project elegant in its simplicity and ripe with decorative potential.

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Anonymous said...

I too agree with the potential of this concept. I am with Potomac Valley Brick the host of BrickStainble. Thank you for following the competition! We truly believe this design competition inspires many creative minds. We recently started our own blog for the 2nd annual competition: I look forward to reading your posts.