Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brick Angled Corner Details

Bricks forming an obtuse angled corner. Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, Oak Park, Illinois. Image: John Delano

Photos Courtesy of Flicker

Acute Angles
"18-inch walls meet at an acute angle, the bonds shown involve a good deal of cutting, which is inevitable to form really good work, but much of it would be omitted in ordinary building, the resulting gaps and spaces being filled in with bits of brick bedded in mortar."

Obtuse Angles
"18-inch brick walls meeting at an obtuse angle. There are several ways of forming the bond, but the arrangement shown is a good one. The bird's-mouths a and d and the squints e e, may be cut and rubbed as axed fair, or specially moulded. The squints ff would be rough cut."

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archaalto said...

good post! currently working on a brick corner detail that involves custom made brick shapes to eliminate the stepped "obtuse" brick corner. never done it before, so hope it will come out decent in the field.