Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hanson EcoHouse, 2007

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I admit, I'm not a big fan of pre-fabricated walling systems, but I do find this project interesting.

Developer: Hanson
Architects: TP Bennet Architects
House type: 3 bed detached
Construction: Pre-fabricated external masonry panels, pre-fabricated concrete aggregate partition walls, unique composite suspended ground floor construction, pre-stressed hollowcore floor units.
Code for sustainable Homes rating: 4
Heating system: Underfloor heating by GSHP, solar panels and gas boiler.
Other features:
• High thermal mass
• Passive ventilation through the design-featured ‘stack effect’
• Combined SUDS including geothermal heating and cooling and rainwater harvesting.
• Rapid build
• ‘Smart’ technology
• Cool bedrooms on ground floor, warmer living spaces on first floor

1.Hollowcore flooring
2.QuickBuild walling system
3.Partition walls
4.Concrete foundations
5.Insulated floor
6.Precast staircase
7.Permeable pavers

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