Saturday, February 20, 2010

Caruso St.John, Brick House, London, 2001-2005

Architect's Website:

Every time I see this project, I remember why I'm learning to build buildings.

There is no facade/exterior on this project; the space was squeezed between two existing buildings on a shard of land, the entry is through one of those buildings.


Elena said...

Do you know where can i find a file of this project¿ i have to do a work and it would help me a lot.

Bruno said...

I have to do a project on this house as well. if you have any information or know where to find it, please mail me at said...

It was published in a copy of the architecture magazine called 'Canadian Architect'. July 2007. You might be able to order a copy from the website if your architecture library doesn't have it.

Good luck!

Bruno said...

thank you very much!!