Friday, July 17, 2009

Bronze Connection Detail (for brick & CMU wall construction)

This is a detail that I am developing for a technology class as part of a theatre that I designed.

The intent is to place bronze "plug ins" at eight foot intervals on a brick rainscreen/ concrete masonry unit (CMU) wall construction. The bronze pieces would be bolted to the CMU and project through the brick rainscreen. A face plate would be welded in place after the facebrick is laid.

These plug-ins are designed to accept typical scaffold poles for temporary scaffold to erect a stage for performaces/anything that would take place on the front of the building. The bronze would age and a patina would run down the front of the building at 8' intervals developing a "stained" pattern.

Any feedback is welcomed as I'm still working out a lot of the specifics. I've included a photograph of a 1:1 model that I built in MDF wood, and a model of the theatre that it was designed for. I will post more images of the theatre design later if it makes sense.

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