Monday, May 25, 2009

Douglas Cardinal - St.Mary's Roman Catholic Church - Red Deer Alberta Canada, 1969

Photo Source:

Drawings Scanned from two books:
The Architecture of Douglas Cardinal, by Trevor Boddy, 1989
Douglas Cardinal Monograph, 1978


archaalto said...

wow... that is some intense brick work. any links to interior photos per chance? said...

Archaalto, there were a few in the books I looked at, but I didn't scan any for some reason.

I bet if you hunt you can find some online.

Anonymous said...

That is some intense brick work. Good to see this..

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James - Housing Consulting said...

That is some serious brickwork! I really like the organic take on a place of worship, the shape really lends itself to the purpose. I would really like to see some internal pictures, and am of to go and hunt some on the internet. The architect really did his craft proud here, inspirational stuff indeed! Thank you for sharing this with us.

Linus Westberg said...

The exterior of this Church
is impressive but inside
the lighting of the Church is
very very poor and to correct
this major problem would take
a very substantial amount of
money. More planning should
have gone into this Church
from the begining.

Anonymous said...

And for what purpose does a church need intense light. I have worshipped there; the atmosphere is wonderful and I never had any problem reading the hymn book.

The sight lines are very good and one can see what is happening at the front from any seat.