Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brick Rowhouses - Halifax, Canada - circa 1910

Halifax has a significant history of wood frame and shingle residential buildings where 98% of houses are wood (a typical example can be seen on the right in first photo). This small group of brick rowhouses are an anomaly in the city, but they are completed in the same style as the surrounding houses of the period, demonstrating the versatility of brick masonry.

As a group the brick houses appear to be almost identical, but upon closer view each has particular details that make it unique and reveal a rich layer of craftsmanship in the architecture and brickwork.

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Real Estate in Toronto said...

Interesting pictures, as a Toronto Realtor I see a lot of houses but I must say, brick houses are my favorite. The detail with which they are constructed is amazing. I wish new modern houses were inspired by the same architectural signs as these old brick houses. They have a bit of magic in them...

Take care, Elli