Wednesday, October 22, 2008

David Chipperfield - House in Berlin

Source: (Book) In DETAIL Single Family Houses, 2005. (

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This a great feature on the house. I'm in Berlin and it would be great to see it. Any ideas where exactly in Berlin it is? The address seems to be a well-kept secret! said...

Hello ciaranbreen,

Unfortunately I don't know the address. If I find it I'll post it here, I hope you can do the same.

If you're in Germany and feel like an adventure, this complex of numerous brick buildings might also be worth a visit:

James C - said...

The house is in Zahlendorf. It's on "Im Schwarzen Grund", almost around the corner from Norman Foster's libarary at the Frei Universit├Ąt. (U-Bahn Thielplatz) :-)

Anonymous said...

I am studying this buiilding in Architecture and I got the Single Family Houses book out of the library. Unfortunately, it is not in there so I don't know if there are different versions. What size was the book because you have resized the picture that you have scanned. I can resize the scanned picture to the same as the book I got out the library but I just want to make sure it was that size.
Or what version was the book?
Thank you said...

Hey There Anonymous.

I'm sorry it wasn't in your copy of the book.

I can't say how big the book was, it was some time ago.

But, I assume you're trying to re-size the pages so you can use the drawings to scale. Each of the pages says what scale the sections are at, and if you look at the material notes, some of them have measurements. So you can just take one of the measurements (a brick for example), and re-size the image so that the brick matches the measurement at 1:400 scale (or whatever the scale is).

And presto, you have your drawing to scale.


Tigerlily said...

Thanks a lot for that article and thanks James C. for the adress. I'm also studying this house in Architecture and your indications help me a lot. For the Google Maps view of the house, it's right this way :,13.282712&spn=0.000927,0.00409&t=h&vpsrc=6&z=19
@Anonymous : the size of each page of the book is slightly larger than an A3, but you don't even need it to resize the plans, given that the scales are indicated (cf. comment :)

Anonymous said...

in what number of detail is this article? said...

I don't know if it was published in the magazine. I found this in the In DETAIL Book titled 'Single Family Houses'.